Leonardo Larios

Leonardo Larios

Owner and Chef of El Pescador Restaurant, a native of Venezuela, has a flair for creating the tastiest mouth-watering seafood dishes anywhere.

Chef Leonardo is versatile in the preparation of Venezuelan, Mediterranean, Spanish and South American dishes. Living in Trinidad and Tobago for the past ten years he has added a Caribbean flavour mixed with a Venezuelan touch to his creative cooking.

Leonardo has masterd the art of creative cooking and hopes that everyone who experiences his culinary fusion will be more than glad they did.

Chef's featured Recipe:

Leonardo Larios

Chef Leonardo Larios

Chef and owner Leonardo Larios will periodically provide insights in El Pescador's kitchen. Check out his featured recipe!
The Fosforera

The "Fosforera"

A South American version of the Sarzuela
with a spicy twist of seafood, tomatoes and fresh herbs.
The Guardian
El Pescador • Seafood Restaurant • Tobago is featured
as one of the top Seafood Restaurants on the island.

"Eat fresh fish at El Pescador restaurant, Buccoo!"

Get here at lunchtime to see fishing boats bringing back full lobster nets and hauls of snapper while you eat seafood prepared by Venezuelan chef Leo Larios. Some main courses are simply listed as "grilled fish" because Leo will cook whatever has just arrived.
Joshua Surtees • theguardian.com
El Pescador • Seafood Restaurant is listed on Tripadvisor.
  • “FRESH fish!”

    If you're looking for seafood, you won't find fish that's any fresher than at El Pescador. It is literally next to the pier where the local fishermen unload their catch. Actually the local fishermen provide a fascinating show during dinner as they cut it up right in front of you.
    Kevin • Canada
  • “A lovely surprise”

    We stumbled across the restaurant whilst rather desperately looking for lunch. It concentrates mainly on fish and is far superior to many of the other restaurants on the Island with original cooking, good friendly service and a fabulous view of Buccoo Bay.
    David N • UK
  • “A hidden treasure.”

    My family and I went looking for this restaurant. When we got there it had the WOW factor for the location.The ambience was incredible and for a small restaurant the food was absolutely delicious and very, very affordable. The service is very good. This is a hidden treasure.
    Mark B. • Trinidad
  • “Delightful!”

    Some of the best food we found in Tobago! Especially the calamari entree. Don't be put off by the menu's challenged translation or availability. If they have the item, it's fresh. Local scenery was delightful and as usual in Tobago, people are charming.
    CAPTKAB • Baltimore, MD